12 May 2007

Scarecrow for bugs

I made this devil out of my daughters modeling material. It’s inspired by a Swedish artist named Christel Khan. She’s a painter and sculptress and her sculptures made in bronze are amazing. I’ve had an urge to try bronze founding ever since I visited Christel Khans art exhibition held in her beautiful garden called Sköndal. But I have no foundry and know absolutely nothing about the technique so what’s a poor woman to do? I tiptoed in to my daughter’s room and “borrowed” some of her modeling material for oven hardening. Once I was started I couldn’t stop. I think I made 30 different devils and angels. Help! What was I going to do with 30 devils? A friend of mine came with a solution. She was having a stall at a gardening fair and I sold my devils there as bug protection. My sales pitch was “put these in your flower bed and scare the bugs away”.
Who needs pesticides ( and garden gnomes) when you can have your very own garden devil!


Clara said...

Jävulskt fin :=)
Nice blog you have started here...I will be one of the daily visitors!
Blev det rätt med engelskan nu...du verkar ju vara en hejare på engelska så du får rätta mig :=)

Trolltygsängeln said...

*skrattar* eller som ungarna sa förr *rofl=rolling on the floor laughing*