27 May 2007


Two weeks ago my husband and I bought an old farm house. It’s beautifully situated among open fields and with a large oak and beech forest nearby. Deer and elk are known to graze in the garden! We are not moving there permanently but want to use it as a vacation and weekend house. The house has a big barn which I hope to be able to renovate and use as a workroom. Finally I will have enough space to create really big things (?!?!) and to leave my stuff lying about just as I want….. When I visited the house last I saw a big hawk circling the fields. I think it`s a Kite. It was so graceful and beautiful. I took a photo and when I got home I decided to try and needle felt it.


molly jean said...

Jeanetta,thank you for your comment on my blog (reborn blog).

I love the idea of a rural retreat with a studio! And you are obviously already inspired! Your felted kite is great!

We have various kinds of hawks in West Texas. I lived for 15 years a few miles out of town. This is dry, some say barren, prairie. But it was exciting to see the wild life each day! The wildflowers, birds large and small, mammals, and sometimes even reptiles like horned toads and rattlesnakes.

Now I live in an old part of a new small city. Old part meaning established trees, the house is old enough to have problems but not old enough to be interesting, the City is only 110 years old, or young. But our house is a block from a draw, a grassy drainage ditch. We have seen fox and even a hawk eating something in our yard here in town!

I still want to do a few trades of ATC or Postcards with fiber artists but in US to many paper/collage/stamp atc just thrown together...

And people in the US are buying small format art of various media to collect and I love to lavish a lot of work in a small piece and know it will be appreciated!

Best regards,

Gunnels blog said...

Lycka till med nya huset!