04 September 2011


I love wool and all the amazing stuff you can create with it but most of all I love the actual producer. No I am not going to elope with a sheep farmer I meant the sheep of course. I have promised myself that one day I will have sheep of my very own. Maybe when we move to the country house permanently and not just use it for weekends and vacations. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t share my fascination and love of sheep so I just might have to find myself that sheep farmer anyway….

Today I went to watch sheep-shearing at Katrinetorps gård. It was great fun. One sheep took approximately 2-3 minutes to shear. Unbelievable! At first I thought it looked a bit brutal but then you saw that the sheep didn`t seem to mind. They loved getting rid of the warm fleece.
This is Torgil and his primadonna Lisa.

"Hey Torgil, had I known there would be such a turn out I would have brushed my fleece"

"Could I have some privacy please! My butt is showing for crying out loud!"

Am I cute or what! Please buy my CD after the show!

Mmmmm that felt nice. Scratch me some more....

Katrinetorp has a beautiful garden as well and I stayed there for hours taking photos. will show you some tomorrow. And after today I am even more convinced! I want a sheep....or two!

Take care

PS I bought the fleece from Torgil. Such beautiful, curly and bouncy raw fleece. I just couldn`t resist.

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Heather Woollove said...

Lovely! I can't wait to see what you make from it!! XXO-