01 September 2011

Embroidery against FGM/C

This is by far the most “strange” embroidery I have ever made but also the most important. It is a portrait of a female vulva. If you find this repulsive or provocative please, please read on anyway because it is made for a very important cause and even better - all can join in.

I read this post at Craftgossip.com and that is what got it all started…

The Embroideries Campaign is not about shock value or sexuality, per se. It is about bringing an end to female genital mutilation. The practice of altering female genitals to protect a girl’s marriage ability is still widespread in some parts of the world. This surgery not only robs women of sexual joy, but also can complicate childbirth, affect general health, or even result in death from infection or hemorrhage.

To raise awareness and combat this tradition, the Embroideries Campaign invites women worldwide to create 7″ x 7″ works on fabric depicting healthy vulvas “as abstract or accurate as you like.” Needlework has been chosen as the medium for these works because it is usually the traditional domain of women and because the Persian word for genital alteration is “embroidery.” The works submitted by contributors will be joined into a patchwork wall hanging and displayed in public to invite media coverage of this issue.

I decided at once that I wanted to participate. I made my embroidery with a “flower theme”, the flowers representing the freedom of sexuality that I think every woman is entitled to. If you like to join in and support the cause you can get more information on the Embroideries Campaign website.

You can send your embroidery to:

5a Gransden Ave
London E8 3QA
United Kingdom

Do join in!

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Heather Woollove said...

What a worthwhile project!! You did a wonderful job with yours, Jeanette.