02 September 2011


Today I have been very, very angry – with Blogger. When they upgraded their interface all my labels, links and contact information suddenly appeared at the bottom of the page. I have tried everything and they are still like glued to the bottom. My dear blogfriend Anna tried to help me just now and we ended up chatting on facebook. That made me feel so much better. It is so nice to have someone that really understands not only your frustration but also understands how important this blog is for me. I have written since 2007 and through my blog I have shared my happiness, been comforted in my sorrows and ventilated some anger too and now, when everything is upside down I feel like weeping.

When everything was feeling really hopeless my husband came and gave me a package. A brown paper package tied up with strings. ( Like that song in Sound of Music you know!) He had collected it at the post office. Woohoo I thought, it must be my green raincoat that I ordered a week ago.

But it wasn’t. It was 7 tiny little jars with dye for my raw wool that I had forgotten that I ordered. Red, yellow and blue.

Oh joy! Can’t wait to try them out, but not tonight though. Tonight I have to finish the shawl that I am making to match my new raincoat and tomorrow I am off to the country house for some serious gardening.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Take care

PS Do you know what? When I looked at the preview of my post - suddenly everything looked OK again. All labels and links was where they were supposed to be and then when I published it everything was all wrong again. Crap!

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