22 May 2011

Sorry for going all Julie Andrews on you

For a while now I have wanted a deer head on my living room wall at the country house. Being an animal lover and pacifist the thought of getting the real stuff haven’t been that tempting. But still…..I just couldn’t let go of the feeling that it would look absolutely perfect!

What to do? Well dead easy really - I had to make one of course. But how? When in need you google! So I googled deer template and got a lot of strange hits but finally hit the jackpot. The Chronicle Books Blog with a great template I could use. I had first planned to make one just like the one in the blog but then decided that I wanted mine to be more like a real stuffed deer head minus the fact that you had to kill a deer to get it so to speak.

This is how I did.

I cut it out in 1 cm thick foam core and assembled it.

Then I started to cover it with paper mache to give it a real animal look and more rounded features.

As I was sitting there happily applying glue and torn news papers to the foam core I suddenly went all Julie Andrews and started humming to myself

Do a deer , a female deer.
Re a drop of golden sun
Mi – a name I call myself
Fa – along, long way to run…..

Time for some psychiatric counseling or what…..

Now I am half way there. ( Not to the counselling that is but to the finished deer head...)

I haven’t quite made up my mind yet wheather to cover it with wet felting or one of my recently bought vintage embroideries. I am leaning towards the embroidery though….

Will keep you posted!

Take care

PS Some of you that have been reading my blog since I bought my country house back in 2007 knows that the animal lover and pacifist part has not always been easy to live up to....

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