22 May 2009

WTF and a Granny update

Yep, that’s the exact words I uttered when watching a huge hole in my hedge at the country house. Not only a hole mind you, someone had slept there too. Stomp, stomp, stomp to make the grass nice and cozy ….

It was a bit like Goldilocks "Someone has been sleeping in my bed" "Someone has been eating my porridge" although porridge wasn’t what they had eaten the bastards….

I could here them talking to one another
- Hey Bambi come over here. Doesn’t that look exactly like something she would like to see blooming this year? -

- You are so right honey, and so many buds. How clever of you to find all these.

Munch, munch,munch

- Oh Junior dear, don’t eat that that’s only a weed. Why don’t you eat this lovely flower bud instead….

- Yummy!

Munch, munch , munch

- Oh, Bambi I had a super idea. Why don`t we invite all are friends over for supper!

Let`s PARTY !!!!!!!

Munch, munch, munch

Oh I know I have posted pictures of the deer saying how cute they are..... and I know I have written a lot of posts talking about how much I love living close to nature but not this friggin close! A women can change her mind right? Yeah sure they are cute..... in a distance but how come all I can think of right now is a nice juicy steak? They have all the fields and the woods to eat off for crying out loud. Why do they have to come play restaurant in my garden!

This is war !!!!!!!

….. and this is how you do it!

With wool.

I know, I know you expected to see a rifle but at heart I am a non violence kind of gal..... Was only kidding about the steak.... Deer’s don’t like the smell of wool apparently.

Take ca…

Oh right, the granny update!

Sorry !
Wrong Granny!

12 done so far.

Now I just need another 388 to make a bedspread.

Take care


LiLi M. said...

You always learn us a lot: I never knew that deer don't like the smell of wool, but as a city girl I know the deer only from the restaurant ;-) and the park of course! Why can't they invent deer that only eat nettles? Or a carnivore deer that eats slugs and wasps and mosquitos? If I were God you would be amazed about this planet! Have a great weekend!

Thanks a lot for your lovely gift, I emailed you, hope that you received my message.

Angela Louise said...

Oh Jeanette....you have given me a good laugh this morning. What a way to start the day!I just love the way you write girl....when's your book coming out!!??!!
Keep goning on those granny squares. You don't want to be one by the time they're done....a granny that is!

Happy days,
I think the wool is a much nicer method than the rifle one,
take care,

ellie said...

The possums here do the same thing. We leave compost out for them, yet they always want to nibble on the new budlets of the herbs or flowers we've been tending and watching! Or, they'll take a pawpaw off the tree the night before you are going to pick it - you look at it one day and think yep it'll be ready for picking tomorrow, that's when they get it - so you go out to get your yummy ripe fruit off the tree and its all eaten up!
Hope the wool works for those sweet (horrible) deer.

Anna of Helylle said...

Good luck with the deer fighting! And the grannies...

MARLENE said...

Vilken härlig bild... den översta. Din story var ju helt underbar. Tyvärr har jag inga rådjur att jaga bort.

Mandi said...

Hi Jeanette....THANK THANK THANK YOU so much for my little Silhouette prize I receive yesterday in the post....it is adorable and the painted roses are divine , what wonderful detail...you are very very clever indeed...when I get a moment i will blog it and try to do it justice by taking a few photos..many thanks again....you are sooo sweet....hope you have managed to keep those deer away....take care...Mandi

Val said...

Hi Jeanette - love your pix - do hope the wool works - you know you love those little bami deer really, don't you.

Maria said...

Rådjur är söta, men inte kul när de käkar upp blommorna. Vi hade en hare som bet av knoppar hos oss för några år sedan. Jag fick veta att tagetes hjälper mot dem, så jag planterade några sådana plantor ytterst i rabatten. Det fungerade...

Gerda-Thyra said...

Vi har rådjur i stugan...de är söta men ställer till ett elände i trädgårdarna, om de är på det humöret!
Koftmönstret som jag lovade, var ingen höjdare... har rivit upp hela koftan, den såg ut som om den har hittats efter något fattighjon från 1800-talet.
Hittar du något bra mönster till lingarn så kan du väl höra av dig!
Ha en trevlig helg!