18 May 2009

A Granny a Day Til the End of May

Pip over at Meet me at Mikes is going to make a Granny Square each day until the end of May and she asks if we are up to the challenge! Who me? Yep, I`m in. I haven`t made a Granny Square in ages but think I can manage. Ain`t that many days left in May is there and all of you that follow my blog knows I am a super duper crochet kind of gal! You wish.....

I am going to upload my photos of the Granny Squares as I go along. Why don`t you tag along as well! Or aren`t you up to the challenge !?!?!?

Take care


LiLi M. said...

Mmm that reminds me that Santa gave me a book; how to crochet. It was my intention to learn to crochet a blanket in 2009. I haven't touched a crochet needle all year. Neither have I done any of my resolutions :-{
Mmm we are not even half in 2009...Sorry I am not able to do the Granny a day til the end of May. But I wish you good luck and very much fun crocheting along!

Plain Jane said...


did you see this? International Felt day is in October.


Anna of Helylle said...

Are you kidding?? I thought I heard you say you'd never touch a crochet needle again in your life!? That's the spirit. You can show me how to make them next time we meet. I always forget how to.