25 May 2011


My sister adores Tigers. So when she saw my deer head in paper mache she said “Oh that is so lovely but I would really love a Tiger head”. Any normal persons answer to that would be “ a Tiger head would look nice” and then think nothing more of it but since I am not one of those normal people my reaction naturally was – I will have to make one. I SO hadn`t the time for it but did that stop me? Oh no. So much more fun to create a Tiger head than starting on the preparations for my daughters high school graduation that is due soon. Especially since the preparations mostly means cleaning up the house....

I started out by spending some quality time in front of my computer but this time I googled Tiger template instead. I found this great Japanese site or at least I think it was Japanese, I couldn’t read a world it said but it had a step by step instruction with photos of how to make a Tiger head. A Bengali Tiger even! On the page was blue button and I hopefully pressed it and hoped it meant down load pattern …and what do you know – it did!

I cut out all the pieces and started gluing it together by looking at the pictures. It was a perfect fit! My salute to the person that made the template. I so wish I knew his or her name.

I mounted it on a piece of foam core covered with felted wool. Naturally I had to make a tongue out of felt too and some whiskers made of fishing line.

Here he is. I know he looks like he is on an acupuncture treatment but that is just while the glue is drying. I think I will name him Thomas the Tiger and naturally he will have to move to my sisters…..

Take care


Maria said...

Bra sätt att använda sin tid på. Morr! =)

LiLi M. said...

Hello Jeanette! Due to the really beautiful weather I haven't been much of a blogfriend lately. Real life sometimes calls me too ;-)! The weather man is predicting rain tomorrow so who knows....;-) Just take care, I haven't forgotten you!