09 March 2011

Playing with icons

These are two Swedish icons - the Dalahäst ( Dalahorse) and the tube of Kalles Kaviar ( Kalle´s caviar). They are more Swedish than the Swedes themselves.The caviar tube is for the Swedish family what Campbell’s soup was to Andy Warhol. Sort of.

Today I combined the two by making a Dalahorse out of a caviar tube.

I also used the Dalahorse pattern for some wet felting.

Here it is hanging to dry. I am making a pillow case and plan to add a whole deal of embroidery to it when it has dried. It is going to be a gift for two American gentlemen - a small thank you for bringing gingerbread cookie dough ice-cream into my life. An ice-cream to die for!

Now I have some tedious waiting to do before the really fun part starts – the embroidery!

Take care

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Eleanor said...

You are so much fun!!!