20 March 2011

Lazy weekend

I spent yesterday at the countryside. It was cold but sunny with spring desperately trying to win over winter but not quite succeeding. As we drove slowly through the landscape I sat watching the birds. A kite flying low over the ground looking for its prey and three cranes resting on a field or maybe they were hiding from the big hawk that was circling over them. We saw deer everywhere gracing on the fields. They all looked so content. Probably happy that the deep snow was finally gone and they could eat grass again.

Today I did some spring cleaning in the garden raking up old leaves and drank my first cup of tea in the greenhouse. I also finished the “Dala häst” embroidery that I am making for T & B in New York and made a ATC for i hannas ATC embroidery swap.

A long and lazy weekend!

Take care

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Heather Woollove said...

Restful AND creative!! The perfect weekend! XXO-