14 March 2011

Get that creativity going…

As many of you know being creative is a necessity for me, as important as breathing, eating and my heart beating. Without it my life is grey and boring, my days long and my future bleak. I am always looking for new projects and eager to get started when I find them. So eager that I more often than not forget the project I am currently working on for the joy of starting something new. A deadline is therefore always a good thing and gives my creativity that extra dimension of a competition against myself! LOL!

Today I found the I hanna blog and two new creative projects, a postcard swap and a ATC swap. Both with a deadline. Wohooo! The last day for signing up for the ATC embroidery project is today but the DIY postcard swap is open until the 18:th of March. If you are interested go check it out.

Now I have to get started….

Take care

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iHanna said...

Yummy overflowing desk, it looks like mine when I'm creating and happy. Thanks for sharing!