15 September 2009

About catching......and failing

Naturally you have all heard about catch a falling star but how about catch a falling leaf? No? Well thats what I have been trying to do all weekend. On film! Not an easy task I can tell you! This is what I managed and it took me about a 100 pics...

When I came home I also tried catch a falling box.....with not so good a result. It hit my head....luckily it was filled with my old feltings so I am not in a coma. I think. I feel sort of woolly though, ha, ha.

Speaking of leafs this is one of the feltings that fell out,one of my very first inspired by autumn!

Take care


LiLi M. said...

Hey Jeanette, I am glad that you didn't fall of the earth! Where have you been? Sitting and drinking tea/wine with Anna probably! Here the wind blows all the time, so it's difficult not to catch a leaf, though I didn't try to capture it on camera. Your felting is gorgeous, I love these warm autumn colours. Hugs, from your twinsister in thought, I missed you, LiLi

Judie said...

L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E, LOOOOVE den första bilden! Får jag kopiera??

Även din skapelse i sista bilden får mig att känna mig alldeles warm & fuzzy.

Du inspirerar! KRAM!

Allers Trädgård said...

Underbart att se jätteverbenans fallande blommor! Förstår att du har fått tillbringa tid framför den – hoppas i en skön stol!
/Ann Marie

Gina said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog Jeanette!..I've loved visiting yours too..your felt work is so beautiful!
take care, Gina :)

Toril said...

Ja du kan du:) fint fotat!

Plain Jane said...

beautiful post. and such a lovely welcome into Autumn.

Anna Stilla said...

Jag saknar dina inlägg Jeanette. Hoppas att allt är bra med dig.