21 October 2009

Writers block

Have you ever felt like you have run out of words or have nothing more to say? That has happened to me these past months. Many are the times that I have sat down thinking “now I really must write a post” and then I just sit there staring at the blank page….Strange! It used to if not pour out of me so at least go with a certain ease. Of course I’ve heard of a writers block but at bloggers block? Eh, don’t think so.

My blog has brought me a lot of joy and many new friends and I want it to stay that way. I want my blog writing to feel fun, comfort me or inspire me but lately it have just made me feel stressed. Stress is something I have enough of in my life already without adding more.

So I have decided to take a blogging break!

I will be back I am very sure of that!

Until then…..

Take care


Angela Louise said...

Hi Jeanette! I know what you mean about writer's block. Comes and goes with me....usually related to what's going on in my life. And, well, setting up a shop seems to put blogging a little lower down on the list of things to do.
Have a lovely guilt-free break and you write when you're good and ready. Just know that I'm always thinking of you. A big hug til you're back. Love from Angela.

LiLi M. said...

Hey Jeanette, So it took you about 5 weeks to discover that you're suffering from writers' block?? LOL, just kidding! I miss you! But you just have to do what you feel that is right, always listen to your intuition. Have fun non blogging and when the time is right just come back. Wishing you all the best and all hapiness and luck in the world!

Eleanor said...

Enjoy your break dear friend.

My writer's block is cured on a daily basis by your bird which hangs from my desk lamp.

With all my love,

Eleanor xxxx