14 February 2009

A Happy



To you all !


LiLi M. said...

Thanks Jeanette! And I hope you have a nice Valentine's day (mmm night) too! We (oldies) never really celebrate it over here. Though my husband teases me all day; ok you can come with your surprise now! He just isn't a Valentine's type. I would like to decorate, but as always I'm late. I was soo busy last weeks, that the Valentines hearts are still lying down in stead of hanging. Mmm I am going to save them till next year. Then I will be the first! hugs, LiLi

Anna Stilla said...

Hej Jeanette!

Vilka härliga bilder! Hoppas att du hade en mysig alla hjärtans dag. Själv satt vi (barnfria) i soffan och tittade på Landet Runt. Så oromantiskt att det känns nästan väldigt romantiskt :)


Mandi said...

love the hearts in the snow Jeanette and thanks for saying Hi to me didn't think i would be missed...anyway the Art-ography is just maninly in photoshop sometimes i whizz it over to Paint shop Pro but those are the only 2 programmes I use....glad you like the results...have a great week....x