23 February 2009

A day off….

Today I had a day off to catch up on some creative stuff. My little exhibition is drawing closer and since I am supposed to show photos, wet & needle feltings and mixed media I better get going…. I have a few ideas but nothing really substantial yet. My photos will probably mostly be close ups of flowers and insects. About 12-14 of them I think, measuring 21 X 29,5 cm. My wet & needle feltings ? Well, that is the not so substantial part. And the mixed media? you ask. The answer to that one is that they are non existent so far……HELP!

This is a few ideas that I am currently working with.

Close up.
Come to think of it, this could be a mixed media piece.
I did add fabric, a photo and I even painted on it....

And this is was I started on today.
What do you think it is? I’ll give you a clue. One of my favorite flowers…..

While I was waiting for the wool to dry, which is about as fun as watching wet paint dry ....I made this guy in wire netting.

I got the inspiration in a shop in Stockholm but I can’t really say that mine got quite that lizard look that I was going for. The body is a bit too long and the tail a bit too short I think. The one in the shop was made of wire netting with a lot smaller “holes” in it so maybe that’s what made mine strange looking. I will just have to keep on trying I guess.

Now the wool is dry so,

Take care


LiLi M. said...

Great pieces Jeanette! I love the lizzard! Why not make a family, with different sizes of lizzards made in different sizes of metal mazes? Good to see you are on the creative flow. I'm anxious to see the exhibition. You show them girl! hugs, LiLi

Plain Jane said...

hmm. love the chicken wire sculpture..... as is, or papier mached.