15 February 2009


I have been challenged! I don’t normally do them but since it was Anna at Helylle who asked …..Who can resist? Here goes:

List 5 fun / unexpected facts about yourself
I am a twin. Fun for me and unexpected for my mother since she didn’t know until giving birth at the maternity ward

I have a constant crush on men from northern Sweden. It’s something about their accent…it makes me want to saddle up my reindeer, hit the sleigh and take off north.

I fall very easily in love and I am a sucker for romance….books, films, music anything with a bit of romance in it and I am hooked. Usually accompanied with a piece of chocolate or two … ( most likely two)

I have a big model air plane hanging from the roof of my work room. It`s bright yellow and it makes me happy. My uncle built it and used to fly it before he put it away on an attic and forgot about it. I keep it in my work room to help me make my thoughts fly high and free.

I go on a diet every Monday morning and break it on Monday evening. On good days. On bad days I last until Monday come lunchtime…

List the 5 funniest or most unusual jobs you`re had :
Sorry nothing especially fun or unusual about most of my jobs. But all of them very interesting though. The most unusual one must have been when I worked as a physical therapist ant taught Lamaz breathing technique to non Swedish speaking pregnant Arabic women.

What are you`re 5 favourite flowers ?





Last 5 films seen?
This is when it sounds so much better if you say the complete Ingmar Bergman collection or something suchlike. A bit of navel gazing and high brow! I have to admit that the last five films seen have all been Disney and all on video. ( yeah, not even on dvd!!! Stoneage....) But we have been down with the flu you know…. And that’s the only thing that really helps.
Robin Hood
Taran & the magic kettle
Bernard & Bianca
The jungle book

5 material things on my wish list ?

A blow torch (for enameling)

An Angora rabbit + cage (an Angora rabbit produces 10 times it’s own weight in wool. Okey, okey, I know they don’t weigh that much….but the wool. Aaaahhh so soft! And they are cute too! My cats would probably thank me for the caged lunch but a girl got to have dreams right? )

A macro lens for my camera

A robotic vacuum cleaner (they exist you know!!!!)

A sleigh (to take me up north….)

Yep, that`s it folks! Now I am supposed to challenge someone too but I think I just welcome anyone who wants to join in the fun.

Take care



Anna Stilla said...

Jag vill också ha en liten kaninn men jag tror att min katt skulle betrakta den som efterrätt.

Förresten Jeanette, vad har du för kamera?


LiLi M. said...

Hahaha you did a swell job with your challenge. That must have been something for your Mom. Thinking thank god that's over. Ehem no not yet and you have to push again. My father was a twin too. So I was sooo hoping to get twins. That is until my daughter was born. I could hardly handle one baby, let alone two!
Have a great week Jeanette!

Maria said...

Hej Jeanette!
Kul att du faller för norrländska män. Jag har alltid varit svag för de som snackar gotländska...=) men är gift med en norrlänning!
Också roligt med din virkning! Förstår att det kan ge motsatt effekt om dte inte går som man tänkt. Jag kämpade också lite i början, men fick till det efter ett tag...Nu håller jag på med muddar.

Plain Jane said...

here's the transfer pen. I ordered mine online, bet you can too. they're way cool

Angela Louise said...

Hi Jeanette, love your plane in your workroom. I like when people use quirky things in their decorating. Nice to get to know you a little more.
Such good photos on your last post. All the snow....can't imagine what it's like!
I have a thing for most accents...other than Australian that is. Much to my husbands disgust! Hey, I can't help it!!!
*Smiles* Angela.

Anna said...

Hallå där, kul att du hakade på! Jag har sett planet genom fönstret...