02 October 2008

Autumn colors

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. The bright colors, the crisp air and the brilliant blue sky, early morning frost …..the list can go on and on. Autumn makes me feel vibrant and energetic and I always want to start new projects.I usually take an enormous amount of photos during autumn because the light is so much better than during summer but this year I simply haven’t had the time. For a long period now my weeks have consisted of only Mondays and Fridays .What ever happened to the days in between I don’t know. Could be due to my new job perhaps? Or the fact that we have bean tearing down a gable wall at the country house and are fighting against wind and rain to get the new one built? Anyhow, last weekend I finally had time for a long leisurely walk acompanied by my camera alone! This is some of the photos…

When I got back home I was so inspired by the colors that I wet felted a shawl and a pair of long wrist warmers . When I sat making the wrist warmers my husband asked if I made kettle-holders ( you know the ones that looks like a mitten….) and Emma told me it looked just like the cast she had last summer when her wrist was broken. Oh the warmth and encouragement of your family eh… Well this is what they looked like. It’s going to be a present for a dear friend!

Naturally I am planning to make a pair for my husband too ha, ha! He is going to wish that the word kettle-holder never left his mouth! Sweet revenge!

This weekend I am going to Stockholm to visit friends. Stockholm is beautiful in the autumn too so I am bringing my camera and hoping for good weather.

See you soon!

Take care



LiLi M. said...

Hey Jeanette, long time no seen!

I see you have been busy. OMG what beautiful colors! Have you seen that you were on my blogpost? Thanks a million again! Have a great weekend in Stockholm!

Maria said...

Vilka vackra höstbilder!! Och roligt att höstinspirationen genast blev en höstsjal!

Angela Louise said...

Hello Jeanette! Your photos are truly beautiful! I love those flowers and you are so right about the lovely Autumn light.What a busy person you have been. The shawl and warmers are very creative. I can't imagine having to wear them here as our days have been between 24 and 30 degrees already. We had better get some rain soon as the garden is just starting to really wilt from the continuous hot days.
I know how it feels to have family members laughing at the things we do. I must say that when I painted the meter box in chalkboard paint, an eyebrow or two were raised around here!

Speak to you again soon. Have a happy weekend in Stockholm with your friends, Angela.

Annica said...

Vilka vackra höstbilder! Hoppas du har en trevlig helg. Jag har gett dig en blog award.

Annika Christensen said...

Där var du ju!!
Hr letat efter dig.
Minnet svek men när jag satte upp vallmotavlan var jag tvungen att tacka en gång till.
Har haft så mycket runt omkring mig.
men nu blir det lite pause i jobbet iallfall.
hej tack en gång till.