13 October 2008

How to kill a gnome

I love gnomes!
Always have and always will. Not so much the Santa Claus type of gnome ( is he in fact a gnome or just an dressed up adult ?!?!?) but more the garden kind of gnome. The uglier and grumpier the better. Like Dobby in Harry Potter. Or the ones that lived with Snow-white. Now wait a minute, they were dwarfs right? OK so I love dwarfs too. Big deal.


Last weekend I learnt that I have been walking around killing gnomes by the dozen. Shocking news! Quite accidentally but killing them just the same. You want to know how? Here goes. Just by saying prosit! One of my friend had just been told that whenever you say prosit a gnome dies! In Sweden you say prosit when someone sneezes just like you say bless you or gesundheit! Can you just imagine how many poor gnomes that keels over and start pushing up the daises when November comes and the flue hits you big time? The more I think about it the more depressed I get. Since I heard the tragic news I have told a lot of people and they all go silent or turn quite pale. You can see how they start building up a picture of the poor gnomes holding their little hands over their ears trying to keep the sound of prosit out but without luck…. Seems to be alot more people that like gnomes than I initally thought. God I am depressed! I have to think up a solution…. I have it! Gnomes are saved from the ugly prosit death whenever someone is saying bless you somewhere else. And since there are so many more English speaking people than Swedish speaking the sum ought to add up….

Oh who am I trying to fool. I just have to stop saying prosit.

Oh bother, I mean Bless you of course!

Take care


LiLi M. said...

What do you think Jeanette, are the dutch gnomes killed by the dutch word 'proost' the same as the swedish by the word 'prosit' (it means the same and is used here too when somebody sneezes)? I do hope you can answer me, so that I can take action here in the Netherlands to save the gnomes. Now I know why I have to do everything on my own, in stead of having a little army of gnomes who could help me with cleaning, crafting and gardening! It explains too why in the anglo saxon world women seem to do so much more, they still have all their gnomes!

Save the gnomes! Save the gnomes! Save the gnomes!

Angela Louise said...

Oh Jeanette, this is something that I have never heard of before. I think here in Australia we don't give much thought to gnomes. I think we are now so far removed from our European heritages that we have have forgotten about their possible existence!
I'm sorry to say that I "catch" my sneezes and so there is not a "bless you"in sight!I'm not much help.
For a minute there I was thinking that you were going to tell us that gnomes were being killed by being trodden on!!!!
Have a nice day....I'm off to Cathy's to help make charms,
love from Angela.

Maria said...

Nej, men dör de då?!
Man får väl säga ATTJO istället...men hur ska man då kunna sjunga sången; En liten tomtegubbe satt en gång...Den slutar ju med P....-ordet! Äsch, jag bestämmer mig för att det inte är sant att de dör, då GÖR de inte det =)Småtomtar borde tycka om ordet Prosit!

Mandi said...

What a fabulous story....I can just imagine all those dear little gnomes running for cover when they hear you coming.....hubbys mother would be upset cos she adores them also....take care and keep away from sneezy people x

Gerda-Thyra said...

Hade ingen aaaaaning om detta... fy så hemskt! Stackars små gnom-väsen...

Ja, jag såg dig aldrig på kulturnatta...fniss...
Det kommer nog att komma bättre och mindre regniga kulturnatta-tillfällen då vi kan ses istället!
Jag föredrar när vädrets makter är mer medgörliga och mer bidragande till stämmningsfull inverkan på hela spektaklet, om du förstår vad jag menar! Ha det så bra och
Kram på dig!

Clara said...

Oooh nej....ska aldrig säga det ordet mer!
Jag älskar ju dessa små varelser.
Önskar alltid att jag ska få se en i verkligheten...jag tittar och tittar när jag är i skogen och hoppas på att få se en liten luva sticka upp någonstans...men nej,tyvärr.
En kompis till mig som är bonde stötte faktiskt på en "stalltomte" en gång och varje gång han berätar om mötet så reser sig håret på mina armar ( spännande!)
Kram på dig och Bless you!