15 April 2008

Paintjob and bird watching

This week has been hectic and the weekend became a busy one too. I had to work on Saturday and I don’t usually so I only had the one day for all the stuff I was planning on doing. The eldest daughter have been keen on a total makeover for her room for a long while now and by this weekend we had run out of excuses not to…. The walls and roof was to be painted white and she has a wooden loft bed and that was to be white too. I have told you before that paintjobs aren’t really my forte. My husband and me…well we have a very different view of how careful and methodical you go about things. I want a quick result and my husband wants durability. The first step towards divorce is when the room is to be covered in paper in order to protect it from paint stains. I mean he literally wants everything covered and if it was up to me to decide I would use a newspaper or two on the floor and just move them about! Okey, okey so I tend to slobber a lot and there is usually more paint on me than on the actual wall but hey I just want to get down to the painting and get it over with. The decorating part is much more fun. Luckily for me my husband and daughter had done most of the walls and roof by the time I got home from work so the bed was left for me to paint. My daughter wanted a shabby chick look and I am quite sure I managed the shabby part it’s the chick part I am not equally sure about. But she was happy and said it became just the way she wanted!

Sunday was a beautiful and sunny day so with the room finished we decided to drive down to the house and enjoy a bit of sun and a walk in the woods. I am born and raised in the city but spent a lot of my childhood exploring the countryside with my parents. They loved being outdoors and there was never any bad weather you just had to dress for the occasion. The joy of being outdoors has come back to me since we bought the house and I always try to get the opportunity to take long nature walks through the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

All the woods are filled with wood anemones right now. My absolute favourite spring flower. So delicate and pretty. My eldest daughter was born in late april and when she was younger we always went picking wood anemones on her birthday.

The sun had warmed the wings of this butterfly and she was doing a wobbly first spring flight through my garden. Here she is resting on the lawn. Very soon my garden will be filled with them gracefully flying from flower to flower.

I am not very good at birds or animals but I am slowly learning. I always bring my camera and take photos of the birds I see. That way I can look them up when I get home.


Yellow sparrow

Blue Tit

Room with a view!
And what a view. "The windows" facing wood anemones on the slope down to the brook.

Nature is absolutely lovely this time of the year. In the wood the trees had tiny little bulbs and the early spring flowers covered every slope and meadow. The air was crisp and warm at the same time and the whole world smelled all fresh and new. The sky was a brilliant blue and the birds were singing. And when the sun was setting we went back to town – a happily married couple again! A spring walk in the woods can do a lot towards avoiding divorce due to a paintjob argument! Oh my, life is good!

PS I am SO enjoying all your comments. So much that I am doing a few consolation prizes in wirework…..so hang on until sunday


Lin said...

Hi Jeannette!! Congrats on your new blog!!! AND SO GOOD to hear from you!! I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can stay in touch!

Maria said...

Roligt att du hittat till mig så att jag hittade till dig!
Visst kom jag till "rätt" blogg nu?
Håller med om att det är svårt att hinna allt man vill, speciellt när man har tre barn...
Såklart får du länka till min blogg och så är du välkommen igen!
Jag ska glutta vidare på din blogg en stund innan jag säger Godnatt!

elins tittskåp said...

Det är så härligt nu när fåglarna kvittrar i kör tidigt på morgonen och solen lyser. Vitsippor har jag inte sett än,lite tidigt här ännu. Men det sprakar och knakar i marken överallt. Fina bilder på våren. Kramar Birgitt

Angela Louise said...

Hi Jeanette, thankyou so much for the "tour" of your beautiful birds and of course, the "springy-ness" of your country garden. I love birds so it is a real treat to see which ones are in your part of this big world of ours. They are so pretty.
I think we think he same about painting....get in and get the job done without a fuss! I'm with you girl! Glad to hear hat the woods and country drives smoothed things over with your husband though.
You were wondering about the litle charms so here's a little info. The picture is sandwiched between two pieces of glass, self adhesive copper tape is wrapped around and then carefully soldered with lead-free solder with a loop at the top. It took a while to get the hang of it. It is a lot like leadlighting.Sometimes if the charm gets too hot whilst applying the solder the picture can burn a little especially if the painting is on fragile old paper.I will send you one eventually...I'm so slack like that. I've had it made for a long time...just can't get around to sending it....SO SILLY!
Hugs, Angela.

Plain Jane said...

love the wood anemoes (sp?) and the bird pics are fab. Lovely post on spring!

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Jeanette - love all your spring photos of the birds etc. 'Tis interesting though - we have different names for the same birds in England. The yellow Sparrow we call the Greenfinch (don't ask me why!) and the Blue Tit we call the Great Tit. Our Blue Tit is smaller and much paler with a pale blue cap and no dark line down his chest. We have them all nesting in the garden at the moment, kicking up a terrific noise - I shall have to lodge a complaint!! Val