08 April 2008

Guardian Angel

I sat looking at a picture of an angel the other day. And it got me thinking. How come they all look so young? Look the same even. I mean angels must age too surely. And what happens to the old angels since we never see any? Are they hidden away in some desolated spot in heaven or what? I sense some serious discrimination here! It must truly be much better with an old guardian angel full of wisdom of life than a young and inexperienced one? I am not religious but it’s sometimes comforting to think that maybe we all get a guardian angel when we are born and they age with us. I took my sketchbook out and made a few sketches of what I thought they would look like, got inspired and needle felted one. And when I sat there working with my needle my thoughts started to wander…..I thought about how we all need a guardian angel in times of worry and distress and how you yourself can be that angel to others by showing your concern or by giving someone a hug…. And then I thought about two dear, dear friends in great need of a guardian angel right now and whom I can’t hug on a daily basis since they live far away from me. So now my aged and wise angel has a new home with them and I know she will do a really good work!

Her wings are turning grey and she doesn`t fly as fast as she used to. But she can still sing beautiful songs.....

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Cathy Louise said...

hi dear Jeanette
Just wanted to thank you so very, very much for sending me the gorgeous Lantliv magazine and flower painting, it definitely brightened my day.... Take care Cathy