19 April 2008

New hobby

I have a new hobby. I have always been interested in recycling and especially art made of things thrown away. I was thrilled when I found this faboulus book about metal craft and saw all the great things you could do with just tin cans and canisters. Art dolls, kitschy keepsakes, journals, ATC:s, a tin can necklace and much more.

I was so inspired I wanted to get started right away. But where is a tin can when you need one? No where to be found. So I had to go buy a can of olives just to get my hand on some raw material. And I don’t mean the olives….

I wanted to do a good luck charm for one of my blog friends that I know is struggling with her driving lessons. I was thinking about a small metal car and an angel…sort of a guardian angel….. hanging over it. I had a plastic bag full of metal soda bottle caps from when my daughters collected them so I flatted one of them out with a hammer and used as the head. I removed the top and bottom of the can and then cut it open along the seam. I now had a piece of metal that was ready to be transform into art…… I made the car and the wings out of the can and polished it with metal files and sanding papers. I left it raw at the back because I think it ads character to the art piece when you can actually see that it’s made of items destined for the scrap heap! I found an old Christmas card with an angel on it and cut out the face and used decoupage to fit it on the bottle cap. I added some beads and pearls and the good luck charm was finished.
I had so much fun that I made another one and that one will be one of tomorrow’s prizes in the contest. Just one day left before the winners are revealed by the way........

But this one is for you Anna Stilla! Good luck with the driving lessons! Remember that goals are dreams with deadlines!


Anna Stilla said...

Jeanette, jag vet inte vad jag ska säga... Du har fått mig att känna mig väldigt speciell. Tusen tack! Jag är övertygad att med hjälp av Ängeln kommer jag att klara både körkortet och alla mina framtida bilresor.


Anna Stilla said...

Oj, jag har letat efter din mailadress på alla dina bloggar och jag kan inte hitta den. Så jag kan inte maila dig.

Men Du kanske kan maila mig istället?


Än en gång tack!

Annika said...

Vilken himla rolig idé! Jättefin.

Gunnels blog said...

Denna bok ser lockande ut, detta med mixed media lockar mig väldigt!

Maria said...

Roligt med dina återvinningsänglar. Jag brukar också klippa i plåtburkar och göra saker, det är roligt!!