24 February 2008

Stormy weather

I am scheduled for hand surgery on Monday so this weekend was the last opportunity to do some gardening. The garden damage control had done the trick and the spring flowers had been left alone since our last visit. The amount of flowers looks very promising and I can’t wait to see what the garden will really look like in a few weeks time.

We decided to trim the hedge down to a little less Sleeping Beauty height. The weather could have been better though. A storm passed over the south of Sweden Friday night and it was still very windy when we drove down to the house on Saturday.

My husband, better known as“Bob the builder” did the trimming and my daughters and I had a tough time raking the branches together. Have you tried raking in head wind? Not easy I can tell you. Our hysterical laughter echoed over the garden when the branches kept flying back at us.

We couldn’t use the wheel-barrow because of the wind so we had to rake all the branches on to a tarpaulin and drag it to the compost heap. My youngest daughter got the best job ever. To stop the tarpaulin from taking of with the wind she had to lie on it while my eldest and I did the raking. After a day’s hard work we had completed about ¼ of the hedge….. So next weekend I will be works manager sitting in a chair resting my hand while supervising the work. Ha, Ha !

I am a bit nervous about the surgery. Or not really the surgery but the frustration that goes with it. Not being able to do anything creative for a while. My left hand will probably be in a bandage for 2-4 weeks! I am not really sure how I will cope. Not easy to wet- or needle felt with just one hand! Not easy to do anything with just one hand in fact. But I have stocked up on gardening Magazines and books so hopefully I will be all right.

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Angela Louise said...

Hi Jeannette, I just wanted to wish you all the best for your hand surgery and a speedy recovery. It certainly will be frustrating not being able to use it but a chance to look at magazines is always fun. The only problem will be all the motivation from looking at them...you will be dying to be creative after that!
The crocus are beautiful...I really love them but our climate is not quite right for them. Congratulations on your big hedging efforts. What a big job but I'm sure it will be very rewarding when you are all done. Are you sure you didn't time your hand surgery to coincide with the hedging job so you wouldn't have to do so much?!?!Just kidding...good plan though!
Hugs to you,Angela.