10 February 2008

Damage control

Do you remember this guy?

And all his friends? And how I went on and on about how cute they were? And how glad I was to have wild animals so close to the house? Well now I’m leaning more towards roast venison accompanied with a good claret. The bastards have eaten all the bulbs on my rhododendrons! My garden is surrounded by a hedge of Sleeping Beauty proportions. Two small gates used to secure the garden but they had to come down because my husbands gigantic lawn mower (do you remember that one too?) couldn’t get through. So down came the gates and in came the four legged party crashers munching away like nothing could stop them. And in fact nothing could!
So this weekend we wanted to do some damage control! Being a pacifist at heart I didn’t bring my rifle, but I brought a lot of wire netting instead.

The sun was out for the first time in weeks so while my husband was building a fence I was doing some damage control of my own getting rid of all the weeds in the flower beds and doing some general tidying up in the garden.

I enjoyed all the bulbs struggling to get up. I am looking forward to our first spring in the house.

It’s exciting to see what flowers I really have since I’ve only seen the garden during the summer.

When the fence was done and the bleak winter sun was setting we headed back for the city wonderfully relaxed and ready for a new week at work.

Bye, bye house see you next week.
And bye, bye roe deer see you in the woods
……not in the garden!

But if the fence doesn’t do the trick I have another ace up my sleeve! Wool! If you hang wool on the bushes the roe deer stay out. Apparently this works with killer slugs too. Make a small groove around your flower beds and fill it with wool then the slugs don’t want go near it. It’s worth a try isn’t it ?


Mamma Millan said...

härliga bilder!!!

Clara said...

Är det sant!!!!!
Att du tänker åka till Susanne ? Farao vad häftigt...se till att ha god tid på dig bara...hon är en underbar människa med ett hjärta av guld och hon har magiska händer...som du redan har sett!Åk dit när våren har kommit....hör av dig när du tänker fara iväg...det vore roligt om du hann med att ta en tur inom garnbutiken med :) Det finns fina övernattningsställe här i Ronneby med...!
Din bild på rådjuret är så fin...de är ju söta...trots att de är trädgårdsmarodörer :)
Kraaaaaaaammmm...hälsa Emma också!

Gerda-Thyra said...

Åh Jeanette, vad du är gullig och rar som la ner en sådan tankeförmåga och jättebesvär med att tota ihop den fina ABC-leken inne hos mig!
Jag satt och läste den med ett sådant där fånflin på läpparna, du vet...fniss...Tack, raring!

Ull är jättebra mot rådjur i trädgården, men det ska vara otvättad ull med det naturliga fettet kvar!
Hoppas att ni får ha växterna ifred från dessa vackra men glufsiga djur!

Fina bilder!

Angela Louise said...

Hello Jeanette. I sure can sympathise with you when it comes to wanting to attract native animals and then they turn around and stab you in the back by eating your beloved garden! I have just the same problem with possums and wallabies. AND they always seemed to know when I least wanted them eating my garden,roses in particular. Like the year I was having an open garden and was expecting about one thousand people through the garden...talk about BAD TIMING!
What a wonderful thing to be able to get away to the country to rest and rejuvenate for your busier city job. Good planning!
I always find emerging bulbs so exciting and I can just imagine how exciting it is when you haven't even planted them yourself. It would seem like finding a treasure.
All good wishes to you, Angela.

Lisbeth said...

Heisan1 tusen takk for koselig besøk hos meg! Du har nydelige bloger, hit kommer jeg gjerne igjen!
Ha en flott tirsdag!