03 February 2008

Playing with colors

It has been a rough couple of weeks. Both my parents got seriously ill a few days apart and had to be hospitalized. They are home now and on the mend but suddenly I had to face the fact that my parents actually are deadly and it took a while getting used to. In fact I don’t think I’m there yet. I was in desperate need of some cheering up and to divert my thoughts away from all panicy feelings and fear of loosing loved ones. The remedy? Explosions of heartwarming colors and loud music. So I filled my house with tulips in bright colors, lit tons of candles , loaded the cd-player with old harp blues records ( the older the better), poured myself a glass of wine - red of course and got started.

Sketching in my journal.....

A red wet felted piece but what will I use it for?

Aha, a devilish week must of course result in a red devil cat……

Can I play with colors too ?

Did I mention that I am just crazy about tulips?

Just look at the beauty and the mix of colors !

Finished the day playing scrabble with my youngest daughter while the eldest went of to a disco. My daughters- the best heart warmers there is!


Plain Jane said...

let's see, wine, kitties, art and tulips...I think that's the correct order......Sorry about your parents doing poorly. Glad you found some feel better stuff.

Clara said...

Du har haft det tufft Jeanette....då är det skönt att få rensa hjärnan med lite skapande.....katten är superhärlig!
Filmen du lagt in är vacker...precis så är det!
Hoppas att dina föräldrar bättrar på sig fort....jag tror vi alla behöver ljuset och våren nu snart så vi orkar kämpa vidare..man är lite trätt och klen just nu..en stor kram till dig från Clara !

Gunnels blog said...

Ja du Jeanette ibland är livet tufft! Skönt att kunna finna glädjeämnen i det lilla vardagliga!

Angela Louise said...

Hello at last Jeanette! Now the kids are back at school, I can reclaim the computer.
So sorry to hear about your parents...very frightening to have one let alone two ill enough to be hospitalized. I was just listening to a talk about soaring above fear and worry and it seems to me that you certainly had the right idea. Throwing yourself into something creative and filling your house with the things you love seems like just the ticket.
It was lovely to hear from your dear daughter Emma a couple of posts back. Please tell her I think that she has a cute little blog but unfortunately, I am unable to read it. I'm sure she will have a lot of fun if she continues to blog.
Many hugs to you and your daughters. I hope that everything goes well for your parents and you,

Carolyn said...

Oh, it's hard to be in the process of letting go, isn't it? Congrats on allowing your feelings to flow, and to be warmed by your favorite things. I didn't realize red, and tulips were on your fave list. LOL, about time I caught up, here. Well, your kitty, and your daughter playing scrabble with you had to help too. Big, big hugs, my friend! :-)