16 January 2010

Inspired by Cathy Cullis….and a homage to my uncle

I recently discovered the brilliant British textile and mixed media artist Cathy Cullis. Her embroidery is poetic and truly beautiful. Today, inspired by her art work but also by circus clowns and old dolls I made a guardian angel. I made it out of my grandmother’s old linen pillow-case and then decorated it with vintage lace and vintage mother of pearl buttons. The face is an old photograph transferred to the fabric with decoupage coating.
The text on the wing says “Sov Du, Jag vakar” which in translation means “Sleep, I will watch over you” I plan to do a series of them….you just can`t have enough guardian angels in your life!

Today I also finished the felted piece I was working on as homage to my late uncle. I was a bit inspired by wall- hangings actually. He was a very keen bee-keeper so naturally it has a bee hive on it and an old air plane since he used to build the most fabulous model air planes. The embroidered flowers also came naturally because he was a real nature lover. The piece sort of made it self…..and it was something very soothing about seeing the embroidery grow under my fingers and remembering all the fun we had. I plan to give it to my mother.

Take care


LiLi M. said...

What a great way to remember your uncle! Somehow I missed this post, I was actually here to tell you that not only we are twin sisters but our mothers too. My mother always sewed with a thimble too, but when I use one I stretch that finger, so that doesn't play along. My mother couldn't sew without thimble, I cannot sew with, just like you two!
Now isn't that spooky?

linnea-maria said...

Hejsan. Jag blev minsann tipsad om dig av Lili M :) ser att hon har kommenterat dig! Hon tyckte att jag skulle in här och kika eftersom jag också har gjort lite filt-grejer. Jättefin filttavla du har gjort. Ha en fin helg /linnea-maria

Elisa Day said...

Har kikat runt här i över timme. Blev fast på allt vackert du skapar. Ska kika lite till

Jane LaFazio said...

I love cathy cullis' work! I have two of her stitched pieces framed in my bedroom.
Love your uncle angel.