08 June 2008

Me, myself and I

Some of my blogfriends asked me what I looked like as a kid. My father was a keen photographer and never went anywhere without his camera. And me and my sister were his favorite models! He developed his own photos in the bathroom and I can still remember the happiness I felt when I was allowed inside to help him. It was so fascinating to see the picture slowly appear on the photo paper. That’s when my own interest in photography was born I guess although I started taking my own pictures very much later…. Unfortunately a lot of my father’s photographs were destroyed when my parents summerhouse burnt down last year. Some however was saved …..

This is me deep in thoughts at the age of four I think.

This is me and my sister playing in the kitchen. As you can see I was very much in to
kettle-holders even then!

Being creative !

My mother didn’t know she was expecting twins until she arrived at the maternity ward and the mid wife said "that belly is so big it has to be two inside". - No way said my mother. And my father almost fainted. Mostly due to the fact that he had made a beautiful cradle with a handwoven basket made of willow ( my father is very creative too) and the cradle most certainly had room only for one. What was he to do? Luckily for him we were born to early and he had time to make a second basket while we were in hospital.

When we were born my mother had to fill out a form in hospital. Since we were born at the same time she forgot to tick the box that stated if I had any brothers and sisters. When I came home from hospital my mother was visited by a nurse from the child welfare centre. My sister was still in hospital. The nurse was very surprised when she found a cradle with two baskets and me lying in one of them and the other one filled with books so the cradle wouldn’t fall over. The look on her face! I wasn’t supposed to have any brothers or sisters. She thought my mum had gone completely nuts!
This is me on my mothers shoulder at the age of approximately 8-9 weeks. We were born 6 weeks too early and I left hospital at about the age of six weeks and my sister a few weeks later. Us being in the hospital was a trauma for my mother. We were in isolation and in an incubator and my mother weren’t allowed to hold us or even be near us. She just had to stand outside a glass window looking in. Thank god the care of premature babies are much better now!

Many of my friends say that my youngest daughter has a great resemblance to me. Here she is a day old resting on my shoulder. Maybe they are right.
What do you think?


LiLi M. said...

The pictures of the poppies are fabulous or should I write that at the next post! I really like it when you tell about your past. There is so much that I recognize but boy things have changed or am I really getting old now??
Thanks for sharing, have a nice week!

Anna said...

I think your daughter is as cute as you were/are but it's hard to tell.. By the way, you say in your post that your sister stayed in hospital a few more years..? I'm guessing weeks here, and hoping I'm right!
So nice with black&white photos, I'd forgotten how "clear" thay seem. Have a nice and cooler week!

Jeanette said...

Oooops ! Anna you`re guess is right of course! I corrected it!