01 June 2008

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by Lili M. She wants to know 7 strange and unfamiliar things about me. Since I am not a very interesting person I will follow Lili`s example and show you some garden pics as well. I wouldn’t want you to be bored stiff….

1. I am a twin. My twin sister is one hour and a half older than me and boy did she rub that one in when we were kids. I weighed 500 gram more than her when we were born and she always accused me of kicking her out in order to have all the food to my self. We are not identical twins. She is thin, has brown hair and is easily tanned. I am blond, on the shubby side and go red in the sun. We are more alike now than as kids though. She is good at mathematics, science and anything logical and I am good at languages, social science and writing. We used to fight a lot! Thanks to my sister I got great grades in science when I finished school because we competed about absolutely everything including test results. I love my sister very much despite or maybe due to our differences!

2. I love to sing and have attended various choirs but am currently without one. I don’t play any instrument and I can’t read notes so I sing by ear. I am a contralto but on good days or in the shower I’m a mezzo soprano! I got thrown out of the local church choir in my teens when I was caught singing Janis Joplin’s Oh lord want you buy me a Mecedes Benz while my best friend was playing the church organ. I never sing before breakfast because my grandmother always said “sing in the morning and there will be tears before evening”. I whistle instead!

3. I have distant plans of writing a book. I have always wanted too but after taking a course in creative writing a few years back I felt totally defeated and depressed and decided that book writing was nothing for me. But now the old yearning has come to life again… But this time I haven’t got a novel in mind. I would much rather write a book about how to be creative! Or how to pursue your inner creativity. A sort of “how to” book with lots of photos and pep talk. Because as I often say in my blog is that it`s my firm belief is that everyone can be creative and that everyone has a talent. It`s just that for some this talent is hidden and yet to explore. And I so would like to help people explore it!

4. I used to work as a physical therapist but now I work with project leading, project development and community development mostly in the health care area. People who don’t know me usually think I am very organized, that I always have an answer and know what to do. But that’s just a front. My work room and office is always a mess and most of the time I just walk around thinking that “Shit! Soon people must discover what a great fraud I am”. But funnily enough I always seem to land on my feet and work things out. I like to work alone and I am not very good at delegating. But I always get my best ideas in discussion with others but then I like to get back to my office and work on it further on my own. What I like best about my job is that no day is ever the same and that I get to solve things not by seeing problems but solutions instead.

5. I hate reading manuals and I think that the saying read the fucking manual must have been written for me. I have difficulties seeing things three dimensional and therefore I can never build anything after a plan. And I can never put anything together from IKEA! My youngest daughter is phenomenal though and always helps me out. Because of that she learned how to handle a cordless drill driver at an early age!

6. I love making lists of what to do! And I often put in one or two items that I have already done just to have the satisfaction of ticking them off!

7. I have yet never spent a night alone in our country house. I have an overactive imagination and I always think that ax murderers and mad rapists are lurking in the garden. I’m OK in the city but as soon as I get down to the country house and it darkens I start looking over my shoulder. Of course it’s much more safe in the country house than in town but try telling that to my imagination….I still jump at every little noise! That I’m a crime novel freak might have something to do with it.

Well that is 7 strange and unfamiliar things about me. Now I get to tag someone else. So
feel free to tell us some strange and unfamiliar things about yourself!

Have a great week everyone!



LiLi M. said...

Hi Jeanette!
Thank you for playing along. I like your 7 facts. I'm a list maker too! I know exactly what you mean by writing items on your list that are already done just for the pleasure of making that stripe through those items; done! I'm always surrounded by little memo's of all kinds. Bookwriting is on my wishlist too and like you I first wanted to write a novel, but now I'm thinking about something creative too! We have to keep in touch for that reason alone! You have made some beautiful pictures by the way. I'm very curious how your garden looks like. And I hope that your daughter is doing better! Thanks again!

Carolyn said...

Hi Jeanette! Great to have you swing by today. Thanks for your super comments, and glad you enjoyed Kelli's blog, too. OMGosh, I am washing the kitchen floor right now, getting ready to leave town this week, for 13 days. LOL, some things have finnnally got to be done before I leave. ;-). I really just am not able to do a tag post now. But will say, that I love dill pickle and peanut butter sandwiches!!! Some people actually think that is strange! LOL.

Awesome that you are a twin, with such unique personalities and traits. Beautiful, beautiful, flower photos! And that bug is clear as a bell! Love that.

Have a great day. :-)

Anna Stilla said...

Hej Jeanette!

Det är lite spännande att få läsa om favoritbloggarnas udda sidor och egenskaper. Det ger lite personlig touch tycker jag.

Så du är twilling! Jag har alltid velat ha en storebror samt en twillingssyster :) Men ödet gav mig en lillasyster och det är inte så illa det heller.

Jag ska skriva om mina udda egenskaper inom de närmaste dagarna.

Kram bloggvännen

Anna said...

This is so funny! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures, too.

Homeleightigger said...

It was lovely reading about your inner self and thoughts Jeanette - super way of getting to know more about you - very brave of you to write it all down, but very much appreciated. Love the gorgeous photos - very inspiring - I have been out in my garden this morning taking a few pix. Val

Anna said...

Hi Jeanette! Again. I just took the time to go through your photoblog properly. I'm so impressed! Such wonderful photos! Den med klockan på stranden fastnade liksom lite i halsen nu när sommaren precis har börjat. Så kort den är, vår underbara sommar...
Lite solsvedda hälsningar från en som brände sig på Ribban idag!