03 March 2008

Let there be light

"Imagine a dark autumn night
lit up by innumerable candles and lights.Doesn't that sound fantastic?On November 3th 2007, Österlen will be lit up by local people putting up lights in their gardens and villages, by artists performing artworks of fire and much more.You are very welcome to share this experience with us! "

Organizers of "Österlen lyser"

.......I most certainly thought so. That it sounded fantastic I mean. So I went looking. And Yesterday I won second prize in a photo competition held at Österlen Lyser - the Light Festival .

I feel very happy, honored and proud.

Österlen is a region in the south of Sweden known for its beautiful landscape, small picturesque village and its very special light. Many artists are drawn to the region mostly to try and capture the “light” on canvas. Some compare Österlen to Toscana or Provence and it’s invaded by tourists in the summer. During winter however the cold wind blows in from the sea and Österlen is black like the inside of a sack of coal. And that is one of the reasons for the Light Festival. To bring light to the villages! Other reasons are to try to attract visitors to the region not only during the summer months but in the winter too in order to make the local merchants, artist and B&B owners survive.

The Light Festival is absolutely beautiful. To drive through the pitch black landscape and see the small villages with all kind of light installations. Candle lights, torches, fireworks, bonfires – and everything made by the villagers themselves. And that was what the competition was about - to try and capture the feeling of the festival on film. My photo was taken during a dance with fire at the town market of the small village Brösarp.

It was the first time my family and I visited the Light Festival but definitely not the last. And since my summerhouse is located in the outskirts of Österlen I just might try to convince the residents of my local village to participate next year.

Let there be light


Anna Stilla said...

Jag var nyligen i Claras Linneskåp och där läste jag om ditt pris. Då tänkte jag att jag måste skynda míg till Dig och gratulera :)

Grattis Jeanette!


Clara said...

GRATTIS!!!! Hurra...vad kul!
Det måste vara en härlig känsla....och vilken bild...hade jag aldrig klarat!
Hoppas att din hand läker bra...KRAAAAMMMMM

Angela Louise said...

Dear Jeanette, thankyou for your birthday wishes. I was very spoilt by my family on the actual day and then I was spoilt by Cathy the following day...lucky me.Cathy and I went out to look at a couple of book and antique shops and then she shouted me a very nice morning tea at a very lovely leafy cafe. After that we went back to her place and did a little work- if you can call it that- and we had a very delicious lunch Cathy prepared.
I think your photo is superb, wonderfully captured. I think maybe you should have had first prize!?! How I would love to come and see the festival of lights and the picturesque villages. Any area that attracts artists is a must to see.Maybe one day. It will be so much fun for your family if you do get to participate next year. A festival like that brings people closer together I think.
So glad to hear that your hand has healed nicely but not so glad to hear that your work has piled up waiting for you to return. I guess you will work through it as fast as you are able to so you can get to all the fun ideas and projects that would have been filling your head these past few weeks.
Take care of yourself,
Hugs to you, Angela.

Anna Stilla said...

Hej Jeanette!

Jag kikar in hos dig nästan varje dag. Du är så tyst, både här och i fotobloggen. Hoppas att allt är väl.