24 March 2008

Happy Easter? No but a Merry Christmas!

In the south of Sweden (Skåne) were I live there is a big art exhibition every Easter. Local artists open up there homes and show their art and you can drive around for days and still find new and interesting artists to visit. We planned to spend Easter holiday at the cottage and to drive around and visit some of the artist that are close to our place. But Mother Nature wanted differently… We drove down on Friday. It was terribly cold but the sun was shining and my garden was full of spring flowers. The Easter holiday looked promising.

We have no central heating in the house yet but usually manage to get the temperature up to a bearable standard with portable radiators and the fire place. When we got there we had a depressing nine degrees Celsius in the kitchen and the bedroom was so cold just thinking about sleeping in there made me frostbitten. My Easter spirit was sinking fast….But what the heck…..if the Eskimos manage who am I to complain. So we ate in front of the fireplace and went to bed dressed in long johns, fleece sweaters and my eldest daughter even wore here wool hat and mittens. Tomorrow was bound to be much better right! You wish!

During the night a snowstorm blew up and we lay close together shivering and listening to the wind howling and the windowpanes rattling.

When we looked out of our bedroom window the whole world was white....

And we had four degrees in the kitchen so in the wee ours of the morning my husband and I got up and started packing and as soon as it was daylight we hit the road. We got out in the last minute. Half an hour later the roads were impassable. Luckily for us the newspaperman had just been around delivering the morning paper to our neighbors so we could follow in his tracks until we reached the main road back to Malmö. The closer to town we got the less snow we saw and when we reached Malmö there was no snow at all. We almost felt we had dreamed it all! It’s funny how it can be such a huge difference in the weather just 60 kilometers apart.

But I got to see some art anyway. Natures own art!

And I spent the rest of the Easter holiday in my nice and warm city home lying under a blanket reading and eating chocolate. Life could be worse I suppose……


Clara said...

Det var ju ett litet äventyr ni kom ut på i påskhelgen......det var lite snopet med all snön...men idag när solen strålar på det vita så måste man ju medge att det är vackert. Hoppas att alla knoppar och blommor klarar sig bara...men det får vi hoppas på. Skönt att höra att du blivit av med bandage och stygn...snart är du i tovartagen igen.....KRAMMMMMMM

Persilja said...

Hej! Fantastiska saker du gör! Att tova verkar kul.