06 January 2008


Yesterday we had our first snow. I just love snow! I love the way it changes the whole landscape and makes everything all fluffy and white.

Yeeees, snow at last!
Oh bother......
When I woke up this morning it was all gone. Just a few patches with grey slush were left. This is typical south Swedish winter weather so I don’t know why I still get my hopes up…..maybe this year it will stay….I should have known better! Finding the snow all gone made me feel disappointed and I decided that I might as well get rid of winter ( and Christmas) altogether. Two hours later the Christmas decorations were all back up on the attic and not even a little fir needle could be seen lying about the house.

The cleaning frenzy left the house looking a bit sad and empty though so I went to the florist and bought tulips. Tulips are my favorite flowers and they always make me long for spring.

With all the cleaning done I sat down to enjoy myself. I finished one of the wet felted pieces that I made a few days ago. Inspired by my tulips I needle felted a flower in the middle and finished it off with some embroidery and pearls. Finally I mounted it on black wool and made it into a pillow case.

On the back of the pillow case I ironed on a message…..in every corner of your heart let loves own flower grow.

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Homeleightigger said...

Absolutely gorgeous Jeanette - I love the twining vine around the heart - just beautiful! Val