23 December 2007

The art of being nice

Yesterday in the middle of a crowd of hectic Christmas shoppers two men started to fight over a parking lot. That got me thinking of the art of being nice. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? What life is about in fact? What is happening with us people? I know that a “nice person” often is considered stupid, naïve or submissive but for me a nice person is someone who lives with empathy and ethics in his heart. A nice person is never stupid. No in fact he is very smart because he has understood that what we do for others we also do for ourselves.

I know that sometimes you wake up feeling a lot like a cactus. That it’s very hard to find a reason for getting up and is even harder finding a reason for being nice. Angry and in a foul mood you stand in front of the bathroom mirror grimacing to yourself. That’s when you should try smiling! Smile as big as you can although the corners of your mouth are drooping. Smile again and feel how something inside is thawing. It’s very hard to be angry and smile at the same time. Then go out in the world and smile at everyone you meet. Give a big smile to your family at the breakfast table, smile at the bus driver, the letterman and the old lady walking her dog. Smile at your colleagues, the cleaning lady and your boss. A smile stops your mind from being stony and your soul from freezing to ice. A smile is universal. All people smile the same way irrespective of race, color or religion. A smile is the shortest way between two people’s hearts.

And when you master the art of smiling it’s time to start practicing on your laughter. A laugh makes your whole body relax, frees endorphins and counteract stress. If you laugh at your self it makes you more humble and helps you not to take yourself too seriously. A laugh unites people and is the easiest way to reach someone’s heart.

I know it’s not always easy to smile, to laugh or to be nice. And there are days when we don’t succeed. But the most important thing is to carry on trying because under the surface there is something good in almost everyone you meet. With some you might have to search longer or deeper than with others but if you look really hard it’s there! You never know what the people around you are carrying in their emotional backpack. Somewhere deep inside is the playing child hidden. The one they where before life took a wrong turn. If you bear this in mind whenever you meet someone unfamiliar you will be surprised at what you will find. Prejudice and fear very often stops us from really seeing each other! So be curious of the people you meet.

Life is short and love is frail. You never know what life has awaiting for you round the corner. So why not give a huge smile to the people you meet and practice the art of being nice.

I wish you all a joyful and happy holiday!


Gunnels blog said...

Hej Jeanette!
Jag önskar dig också en riktigt travlig jul, och ett gott nytt kreativt år!

Betty Jo said...

Dear Jeanette!
What a wonderful and very true post. I'm smiling . . . can you see it? Actually I've been sick . .. again! This time with the flu. I'm getting over it now, but other family members are also sick. We are so hoping everyone is well for Christmas day when we plan to get together. Maybe I will do a blog entry either later today or tomorrow. But in the meantime, I'm wishing you and yours the very best Christmas ever! I'm so thankful to have met you and other wonderful blog friends this past year.
Love and Hugs,
Betty Jo

Pieces and dreams said...

En god jul och ett gott nytt år önskar jag med. Hoppas att minusgraderna håller sig i någon dag till nu så man får någon ulkänsla i alla fall.

Kram kram

Claudia said...

A very nice blog entry. Thank you for sharing and "god jul"!

Gerda-Thyra said...

Önskar dig en riktigt God Jul och ett alldeles underbart Gott Nytt År!

molly jean said...

Very thoughtful post. I have at one very specific time in my life refused to harbor bitterness toward a person who wronged me. I don't deny that I was hurt or even that I was angry. But I definitely think that anger and bitterness hurts the bearer more than the one it is directed at! I do have to work to smile sometimes when I don't feel like it. It is a great exercise when feeling self pity to look at others and direct my thoughts to their needs and to smile.
And I like to hang out with people who laugh!

Marika på Odlingspyssel said...

Utgår från att det går bra att skriva på svenska här i kommentarerna. Mycket insiktsfullt inlägg :)

Filifjonkan 1 said...

Hello. ohh so nice things you have done..I lik your colors very much.
This is a very nice blog and this little the angel are so nice,

Jona said...

Hello Jeanette!

I found the link to your blog on Lin Frye's painting blog. Was somehow courious and came over here... this is simply amazing... big respect for such a creative soul! There's love shining through your beautiful work and delicate photos... very funny reading as well.
Fantastic blog!

Nice greetings from Slovenia, Jona