14 October 2007

Wrist warmers

I don’t know what’s happening with time but one thing is certain it flies…. I mean it was only just Monday morning and now it’s Sunday evening and what on earth happened to the days in between? As you understand it has been a hectic week both at work and at home. On Monday I started making vintage wrist warmers.

I`m going to have a stall at the annual Christmas fair and this year I’m determined to start in time not having to work around the clock to get everything finished. But already on Tuesday evening I had to put the sewing machine aside. Our fireplace was delivered (in pieces) and we had to drive down to the house and get it indoors.

All the 250 kg of it!!!! It took a while but I won’t have to do any work out this week I can tell you! The builders are coming in two weeks to put it all together.
On Wednesday evening I had just started sewing when my husband came home and looked like a study of guilt….after a long story about how he had needed a new screwdriver but had found this fantastic bargain on his way out…..he finally got to the point. Can you believe this? He went to buy a screwdriver and came out with

......THIS !!!!! Jeez. It’s like I would go to the shop to get a pair of socks and come out with the entire Dior collection! So of we went again but this time to put his new “toy” in the garage. It was pitching black when we got there and I was hungry and in a foul mood but my heart just melted at the sight of him driving round and round the flag pole with an expression of pure joy on his face. Thursday evening came and went and on Friday I went for a drink after work with a friend and one thing led to another and no wrist warmers were made.
On Saturday we took our eldest daughter to visit a school she plans to go to. It`s a boarding school called Bollerup were she plans to study science and horsemanship. Saturday evening and Sunday we spent at the house. We took an evening walk in the woods

so beautiful with the autumn colors and back home we sat silently watching the spectacular sunset.

Who needs a television when you can watch the sun set through your living room window? Not me anyway. We are longing for our fireplace though. The house was so cold that we had to sleep in long johns…..We woke up on Sunday morning

to frosty fields and a clear blue sky. The garden is full of different birds and this thrush, Rödvingetrast usually lives in the northern Sweden but probably stopped by on his way to a warmer winter climate.

I worked hard outdoors all day but also managed to finish decorating my hallway.

Well not really finished - I want another mirror, an old and shabby chick one but haven’t found one yet so this one will have to do for a while. I’m especially satisfied with the Hydrangea their color of purple, pink and blue matching the blue of the table.

And now I’m back home again. A whole week has gone by and no wrist warmers made! Better luck next week eh?



Och nu är det tisdag... undrar om man någonsin hittar de där förlorade dagarna. Jag skulle iaf behöva få tillbaks dom. Gillar fotona, speciellt det spegelblanka


Jag har svart inne hos mej men flyttade din kommentar till inlägget som handlade om experten.. Hoppas det inte gör något, kanske någon annan vill läsa oxå.
En upplyftande kram till dej så att du tar nya tag.


Jaha.. och nu har ajg alltså lyckats få det "svart" inne hos mej. Hoppas det inte blir så bara för jag felstavat SVARAT. LHar letat men hittar ingen tårta...

Gerda-Thyra said...

Hej Jeanette!
Nej, det är inte jag som Trolltyget menar som mästare! Fniss....

"Höstvåldnaden" ( eller luciakronan ) med fackla gör jag aldrig om igen! Tycker nog att det är en sådan där typisk grej som man bara gör en utav... men visst... den enda kan vara till salu om någon är intresserad...

Carolyn said...

I am so glad you stopped by today, and by all means, do link my blog to yours, and I will do the same! I am thoroughly enjoying this visit to your great blog.

What a delightful post! Loved that gorgeous sunset. What a great view you have. Thanks for sharing everything from the frost to the fireplace, to your husband's little errand. :-) You've got to admit it wasn't a boring week! And it sounds like you all had the kind of week that warms hearts, even if the wrist warmers had to wait for another day!

Hugs to you, too. :-)

Plain Jane said...

yea yea, all the beautiful scenery and new fireplace and perfectly decorated hallway, but what the heck is a wrist warmer?