08 October 2007

Pink Ribbon campaign

Both my daughters are keen riders and belong to the local riding club. They spend a lot of time in the stables and the eldest is also secretary in the riding clubs youth section. One of her “duties” is to help out in the cafeteria whenever there is a club championship. Last week she read in the paper about the pink ribbon campaign and decided that she was going to bake pink ribbon cookies to sell on all the club championships in October for the benefit of the breast cancer foundation. The youth section thought it was a faboulus idea and sponsored the ingredients that she needed for the baking.

For the first championship she made 50 cookies with the help of her sister and they sold the lot. So for the next one she’s making a 150……

She and her sister had great fun while baking and were very precise with the ribbons. They had to look exactly right!

Making ribbons of pink marzipan!

20 cookies ready and 30 to go.....

The kitchen looked a mess but I don’t mind. I am very proud of the both of them. We live in a time when most people think only of themselves and most of her schoolmates are only interested in making money for their own benefit. She worked hard for a very worthy cause and I am proud of being her mum!


Gerda-Thyra said...

Oj, vilken häftig ide´... och så duktiga de är... då får man stå ut med att köket kanske far lite illa... det brukar gå att ordna upp!!

Tack snälla Jeanette för din fullständigt överdådiga kommentar inne hos mig!
Det hade ju varit vansinnigt roligt om du hade satt dig i bilen och kommit susande till Kulturnatta! Fniss! Vad förvånad jag hade blivit!

Angela Louise said...

Hello Jeanette. Your daughter is to be commended for doing such a kind and thoughtful thing as this. The biscuits complete with their little pink marzipan ribbons look scrumptious no wonder they sold so well. Give her a hug for me for all her efforts. One of my Aunties has just had brest cancer and we hear more and more people everyday getting this terrible disease...it will be the efforts of people like your dear daughter that help find a cure/ preventative treatment for it.
A hug to you also, Angela.

molly jean said...

Wow! What industry and thoughtfulness! The cookies look beautiful and yummy. I agree with angela louise; give them hugs from me too.

Plain Jane said...

Proud indeed. What a lovely thing to do. Love your photos, especially of the little hands at work.