08 March 2009

What on earth is she doing?

Well I will keep you on tenterhooks a while more! My exhibition is coming up in three short weeks and absolutely nothing is finished. I am running fast towards disaster here I can feel it in my bones and my bones are never wrong……Okey, okey so I work best under pressure but now I have reach the point where you just can’t keep it off anymore. You know the feeling right? It’s time to focus! Big time!

So the blog will have to be neglected for a while. But be patient I will be back…in three weeks time and then I will show you what on earth I was doing. Until then why not have a little give away? Leave a comment with a guess on what I am doing and I will pick a winner when the exhibition is up and running.

So stay tuned folks
…..and please, please, please keep your fingers crossed that I will make it in time!

Take care


LiLi M. said...

Of course I have all my fingers crossed! I know that...always late, I think that is something in your genes (mine too, ha twinsister!). Well I believe in you! I'm so anxious to see what you come up with! Good luck with everything! Hugs LiLi

Anna Stilla said...

Du fixar det Jeanette! Jag väntar här på Dig!

Kan det vara en Återvunnen Ängel som skymtar fram på första bilden?


Maria said...

Det översta ser ut som en återbruksängel i min smak! Med kakform också!!
Och de undre gissar jag är någon sorts girlang.
Kul att du är i pyssel och handarbetstagen!
Jag skulle gärna bli teleporterad till din soffa och få ett vinglas i handen!!

Plain Jane said...

You are making an angel out of tin parts--cans and wire and stuff.

And, the cut paper things are an installation, for your exhibition, and will cast lovely shadows on the wall......

that's my guess! Can't wait to see pics from your exhibition...taken with your new camera!

Annika said...

Min första tanke var också att det är en återvunnen plåtängel där på första bilden.

Vad glad jag blir att du fått sådan virkinspiration! Helt fantastiskt.

Och lycka till med att blir klar i tid! :)

Eleanor said...

My fingers are crossed as per your request.


I think that is a butterfly made out of recycled material. In its former life, the butterfly was a book worm. It built itself a cocoon out of the pages of its favourite novel, and then...as it ate through the cocoon (so as to emerge as a butterfly) the pages and words were scattered and folded - hence the paper cuts which are now hanging around it so mysteriously.

I wish I could come to your exhibition!!!

Mandi said...

Hi Jeanette....all the luck in the world for your venture am so looking forward to seeing what you are up too...and your English is just great and your are so kind with your compliments as always....fingers and toes crossed...x

Anna of Helylle said...

There's no doubt in my mind that you'll make it in time - till I read you're going to Stockholm to party!?? But then I realized that a true artist needs input at such a crucial stage of the creatice process, so I'm still confident with your making it all in time!
To the question - what are you making? - it's so obvious:
It's a waterfall of papers showing the alienated modern human looking for refuge in the barren embrace of Mother Nature (in tin.

Anna Stilla said...

Hej igen!

Jag mailar dig på onsdag och försöker svara på dina frågor så gott jag kan. Jag förstår att det känns pirrigt. Jag fick väldigt blanade känslor precis innan. Jag tänkte att oj oj oj, och vem tror jag jag är som tänker ställa ut.

Men allt gick bra och det ska gå jättebra för dig. Jag skriver mer imorgon, jag lovar.