04 November 2007

Where is the fairy god mother…..

….. and the freaking mice when you need them? There I was lying on all four scrubbing the floor with soft soap feeling exactly like Cinderella and not a single bibidi bobidi boo was heard. I just had to keep on scrubbing muttering to my self that this fairy stuff is highly overrated if you ask me. And the ball at the castle? Well not much of that to look forward to either. Must be due to the fact that we haven’t got any letterbox yet and the king’s men had nowhere to put the invitation! Anyway the finished result was worth every teeth grinding minute of scrubbing. The floor was so smooth and the room smelled wonderful. Did I mention that I really should be ashamed of myself for complaining? No? Well you see my own prince charming did most of the really hard stuff (like sandpaper down the whole floor….after building the inner roof) and not once did he ask around for a fairy god mother …… or talking mice! Who needs a ball at the castle with a husband like that!

Bibidi bobidi boo....

Speaking of mice. The rat problem still isn’t solved but I bought rat poison and placed up on the attic so hopefully we are getting there. I also rat secured the kitchen by putting anything edible in cupboards’ and glass jars. While cleaning out the kitchen I found a package of hard bread that the rat had been eating on and that confirmed my suspicions that we are dealing with a giant mutant rat with beaver size teeth. I felt a bit bad about the poison though. I am an animal lover and I would much rather leave him a note asking him politely to leave but somehow I think that a note just wouldn’t do the trick here. My dear blogfriend Angela in Australia recommended a carpet snake. Maybe I can hire hers on a monthly basis? Well Angela, thanks but no thanks. Snakes make a good second on my most NOT wanted list. So poison it will have to be.

Giant teeth....

Besides scrubbing and poisoning rats I had a lovely vacation. I tried a few different wire work techniques’ and made an angel and a “Victorian bird feeder” to hang in my garden.

Wire work Angel

Victorian Bird feeder

I took long early morning walks on my own just enjoying the fact that it’s a beautiful world and that I’m alive and well and privileged to live in the middle of it. If you slow down your pace there are a lot of life’s small miracles to discover. Did you know that you can see the sky in a dew drop if you look closely enough?

Morning mist over the fields

Dew on a spiders nest in the purple cabbage

The sky in a dew drop

Slow down and take time to enjoy life`s small miracles !


Hemma på Landet said...

Här var det också en massa fint.:-) Kramis

Angela Louise said...

What a great post Jeanette! A really good read...you write so well, very funny. Your camera work is also extremely good. Such beautiful photos. The dewdrop picture is just beautiful. I had totally forgotten to have a go at wirework but now seeing your clever creations, I'm all inspired again. That is, after I finish off the charms that I'm currently making.(Hopefully yours will arrive before the end of the year...aaaahhhh...I'm so disorganized.)There's always so much to do and so much I want to do. Never enough time. Especially seeing as I do seem to take way too much time stopping to smell the roses and enjoying all the little things nature has to offer.
A big hug from Australia and me,
Oh, I forgot to say, the floor looks GREAT!

Clara said...

Jag hoppas allt är bra med dig Jeanette!
Du har fullt upp förstår jag med ditt hus och allt som hör därtill...men det är säkert fantastiskt roligt att ha ett sådant projekt ....som man delar på med hela familjen!
Hoppas att du hinner pyssla lite också mellan varven...tack för tipset om Åddebo ull...jag har fått min leverans med stoppningsull nu...så nu finns det inga ursäkter längre utan bara för Clara att sätta igång med tillverkningen ! Kram Kram...hälsa Emma!
Dina bilder är underbara....älskar dem!

Clara said...

Trevlig helg vill jag önska dig Jeanette!
Hoppas att du har det bra och att du pysslar mycket....lova att visa sen :=)

Plain Jane said...

you are quite the ace with wire! I just adore that victorian bird feeder. and the moss chair and teddy. lovely.

Homeleightigger said...

You must have an extremely good camera Jeanette - your photos are a knockout! My favourite is the spiders web! Val