02 September 2007

Slow down

I’ve had a lot of time to think lately. When someone is very ill you tend to think about life and what we are here for. I think we are running away from life. We run from point A to point B in a constant chase to catch up on all the must do and should have done and in the middle of it all we live only a half life. Life isn’t a Hollywood movie where Life part 1 is automatically followed by Life part 2 - The Sequel. Life is here and now! You never know what awaits you around the next corner or at the next crossing. Slow down! Take a break! Smell the flowers, listen to the birds singing, feel the raindrops on your head. Tell your loved ones everyday just how precious they are and how much you love them.

Life is too short to always be in a hurry!

People very seldom sit at the retirement home regretting the fact that they didn`t work more overtime. So slow down and figure out what you want to use your only life for!

Inspired by my thoughts I made this wet felted picture. I call it “Slow down” For me a snail has always symbolized a slow pace so I used one of my photos and made a iron on transfer. It’s the first time I have added a iron on directly to the felt. I wasn’t quite sure it was going to stick but it worked.
This is the picture close up. I am not really satisfied with the pictures sharp edges. Is hard to get it to blend in with the background. But it was fun to try something new and I will try to make it “softer” next time.

I plan to put this felt on my office wall right next to my computer. That way I won`t forget to slow down and let life have a chance to catch up with me!


Plain Jane said...

maybe if you'd cut out the shape of the snail, instead of using the whole rectangle photo.

I just co-taught a yoga and art workshop over the weekend, and one of the best parts, for everyone, was just laying in the grass, looking at the sky and feeling the breeze on your face. Yup. slow down is good advice.
soooooooo glad your daughter is feeling better!

Eva said...

Så fint inspirerande du tovar!

tere said...

Its really beautiful! love to read your blog, really inspires me..and your photos...everything! Im from a tropical country and i feel like living there...amazing!