23 June 2007

Saving the scent of summer

Summer came early to the south of Sweden this year. So today, about two or three weeks to early I had to start the lavender “harvest” to save the scent of summer. I love lavender. The scent, the color and the way it draws bees and bumble-bees to my garden. I make small lavender “pillows” and bags every year to put in my chest of drawers and the scent helps me to get through the dark winter months. Today I had so much lavender ( and still more to gather) so for fun I made a lavender mobile to hang in my garden.

I am not the only one in love with lavender

Some of my "harvest"

Now I have a few weeks to make the pillows before the lavender is dry.....

My lavender mobile

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Clara said...

Herregud så härligt.....jag som älskar lavendel!!!