05 September 2011

New Blog - welcome to tag along

Dear friends!
As you may have read a few posts back I am experiencing problems with my blog since Blogger upgraded the interface. Somewhere in my html-code is a fault causing all my links, labels and archives to “glue themselves” to the bottom of my blog. Blood, sweat, tears and a heck of work hours later I am no closer to the solution of what went wrong.

So now I give up and start on a new blog instead. I call it My creative everyday life! I am still on blogger and here is the link to the new one MY CREATIVE EVERYDAY LIFE

This is not an easy thing for me to do. I have written this blog since 2007 and the posts are an important part of my life. And I am afraid of losing you – all my dear blog friends!

I know I have followers from all corners of the globe and some of you also kindly have a link to my blog on yours. I would be so very happy if you would change the link to the new one. I will try and send a personal message to all my followers but if I miss out on anyone it is not intentional.

I hope you will tag along to the new one. I will be looking forward to seeing you all there.

Take care

PS Hurry over and you can win a photo of your choise in my first post. Just leave a comment on which photo you like best and I will pick a winner on September the 15th.

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